Subnets For Blockchain Scalability: Avalanche vs Internet Computer

Scaling Through Subnets

An In-Depth Look Into Avalanche Subnets

How Does The Internet Computer Employ Subnets?

Subnet Techstack

Main Takeaways For The Advantages Of Internet Computer Subnets

  • Subnets allow canisters to run on-chain with complete scalability, security, and speed, all while maintaining decentralization.
  • Internet Computer subnets are safer because the canister data is replicated by the number of nodes. Thus if a node goes down, another node can still run the computations and keep the subnet alive. For example, we said above that there are 35 subnets, therefore the canister is replicated 35 times. So if a node goes down on one subnet, it will not impact the consensus, and the data will not be lost.
  • Without subnets, there are no canisters, and thus no smart contract functionality on the Internet Computer. Therefore, subnets are a vastly underrated part of the Internet Computer tech stack that cannot be forgotten.
  • Internet Computer subnets, because of this smart contract functionality, give it a huge advantage over Avalanche subnets. For example, canisters in one subnet can send transactions to other subnets, which means they can communicate with each other and do smart contract computations. The Avalanche network’s subnets cannot do this.



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