Plethora: Web3 Launchpad Gaming On The Internet Computer

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4 min readAug 31, 2022

What Is Plethora?

Plethora is a Web3 launchpad gaming platform built on the Internet Computer tech stack and blockchain. Plethora seeks to empower Web3 projects such as NFTs and tokens to launch on their platform vis-a-vis customized gaming experiences. On Plethora, players can participate in a gaming metaverse space and compete, have fun, and earn rewards.

Plethora is still in its early days, but nonetheless, it has already released multiple features that players can go ahead and jump into.

Moreover, the Plethora world is already live and running. This means anyone surfing the web can directly enter the game and begin playing without logging in. But logging in is the only way to claim prizes such as from certain token launches.

So if you love fun metaverse games that give you an option to win prizes through gaming, then I highly recommend you give Plethora a shot.

Plethora Gameplay

When beginning to play Plethora, users can choose two options: enter into minigames or go to the launchpad.

To give you a demonstration of what minigames are available on Plethora, let’s dive in! To play some minigames, begin walking your character towards the egg-shaped hut and press E to enter the playground.

There are currently 10 games listed to play, but because we’re not logged in, only the first two are available.

The first game (Race Track) brings you to a parkour-like world where the player has to jump through various obstacles and get to a finish line. This part of the game so far is most similar to traditional phone and iPad-like games that young folks love to play.

This game is also for practice, so if you want to get cryptocurrency rewards such as token launches, it’s recommended you practice here to hone your skills for the real test, which is on the launchpad side.

So, games are fun and all, but the older or more mature youth generation who are more into the financial aspect of GameFi and Web3 will be interested in the launchpad section of Plethora.

To go to the launchpad section you’ll need to go back to the first place the character gets sent to automatically after entering the game and navigate the character to the egg-shaped hut that says launchpad.

After entering into the launchpad section, you’ll see a screen that currently displays a reward of 1 million $GHOST tokens that will be distributed to people who record a video of themselves playing the game and post it to their Twitter.

The current game is the Race Track parkour-like game featured in the image above where the players must race to the finish line. In this race, the top 80 scores will receive 50,000 $GHOST tokens each. If you’d like to play you will be redirected to login and you’ll use the Plug Wallet to do so.

But hurry up, this initial promotion will be ending on August 31st, so right now is the perfect time to jump in.

Plethora Game Takeaway

Playing games to partake in crypto token launchpads is a great idea for fostering crypto adoption. Moreover, it instills a sense of challenge that young and older folks alike will love. But mainly, being able to play a blockchain game and get rewarded in a new crypto token is the most exciting feature. Moving forward, more and more games and tokens will be featured on the Plethora launchpad, stay tuned!



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